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"The staff and support are second to none. They are polished, proficient, accessible and patient."

Highly recommend. 

Karen Macintosh



"Recruiters saw my Professional Resume and informed me that I need some professional guidance during the job interview, I went to see SUSIE WILSON, then after the private one on one training, they told me they were impressed with the skills I learned, I got the job!

I highly recommend Susie, my confidence was raised and I felt polished. 

Lynda Meredith

SUSIE WILSON Etiquette Expert

Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette provided and facilitated the staff induction training for our Luxury 5 star hair and beauty salon.

SUSIE WILSON, is professional and engaging, we highly recommend her.

Antoinette Champagne Salon

Melbourne, Australia

Susie Wilson

Dear Ms Wilson,

I am writing to you to say how grateful I am for the mentorship you’ve given me over the past year. Having the opportunity to learn from you has made a substantial change in my career. When we first began working together, I never imagined I would be able to make as much progress as I have. Thanks to you, I moved up to a management position in the company.

Your training in team management showed me a whole new path to improving operations. Before working with you, I struggled to lead a small team. Thanks to the time we spent planning team-building best practices, I can effectively lead an entire department. 

Dr Modesti



Our family was treated to a lunch session with Susie Wilson, Australia's Leading Etiquette Expert, with the intention to provide some lessons on fine dining and the etiquette to be applied in this situation. We had a wonderful meal at the Melba dining room at the Langham Hotel, and Susie delivered her wisdom to us. It was a great gift to give the 8 (adult) children who came with us. They embraced the experience and were totally engaged, and she has succeeded in adding some tools to their (and our) personal toolboxes.


Susie was a fantastic communicator and was warm, interesting and interested. She subtly and appropriately delivered messages, without once making anyone feel judged or belittled. She answered a myriad of questions. She was a breath of fresh air, and showed us a world we know little of, but made us feel a little more comfortable in entering that world. We will revisit next year and take up the opportunity to build on our knowledge. Thank you, Susie, for a wonderful day! I would recommend this experience to any family. Ann-Marie and Stewart McKinnon

Ann-Marie and Stewart McKinnon

Susie Wilson

Simone Kraradie

5 stars! Susie Wilson has quickly become our go-to exhibition partner. Susie runs a tight ship and her crew is organized, efficient, and has great attention to detail. 

They save me hassle and stress, so I can focus more energy on putting on a great show for our clients. I love working with Susie!

Susie Wilson

Karen Mckenzie

Susie mentored me privately in Deportment and posture, when I walked in I slumped, when my training was finished I walked with confidence and elegance.

Susie has wonderful energy and her knowledge breathtaking.

I highly reccomend Susie  

Susie Wilson

Kneasea Photography

Amazing women! #susiewilsonetiquetteexpert

 Brilliant seminar, everyone in the room was captivated by the topics and your energy. I can't wait for the next one. Thanks, Susie

Jurline K. Redeaux ​ MSW Executive Director Impressions.  LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELE

Jurline Redeaux, Director, Author

Jurline K. Redeaux

MSW Executive Director Impressions.
I was highly honoured to have Ms Susie Wilson travel from Australia to Long Beach, California to assist me with the development of New Impression’s Women Empowerment Training Program. Susie provided self-esteem and etiquette training for our Women’s Support Group, The positive feedback from all participants was unanimous as they were impressed by her expertise as well the international flair that she brought to the training.
I am deeply grateful to Susie for this amazing opportunity to  collaborate  on an international level ! I am thankful that we have been able to foster an ongoing supportive relationship
Julie K. Redeaux, MSW
Executive Director

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