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My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

Implementation Planning


A Comprehensive Approach

A Harvard – Stanford study concluded that one’s success (particularly in the workplace) is based on 85% social skills and less than 15% technical skills…

Working with Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette offers individual or group etiquette courses to ensure you achieve the attention and detailed instruction required to fine-tune and master business etiquette and protocol. Bespoke day courses (or longer where required) are available at a central Melbourne location. Course timings are flexible, pending availability.

Special group rates for corporate training are given upon request to For longer private courses, such as our 2 or 3-day Intensive Programs, please email for details and pricing.

Please find information about corporate offerings here.

*While all classes are taught in English, requests for language translation services may be provided for an additional cost and pending availability.

Virtual One-Hour Online Private Etiquette Course

  • One-hour session with a Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette trainer over zoom or a similar platform

  • Available Monday – Friday (Pending availability)

  • $285 (individual course cost)

  • Available for individuals only

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Power Hour Etiquette

  • One-hour in-person session (Central Melbourne location)

  • May only be used once per client

  • Available only Monday – Saturday (Pending availability)

  • $385 (individual course cost)

  • Available for individuals only, excluding lunch

A one-hour session with an etiquette consultant, inviting individuals to ask all of their most burning questions on any etiquette topic.

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Private Courses: Two Hours

  • 12:00pm – 2pm (Central Melbourne Location)

  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)

  • $685 (individual course cost)

  • One-to-one instruction session excluding lunch

  • You may add a second person for an additional $425

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Private Courses: Three Hours

    • 10:00am – 1pm (Central Melbourne Location)

    • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)

    • $1175 (individual course cost)

    • Consultation and instruction session including lunch with dining etiquette tutorial

    • The course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction and lunch over a dining etiquette tutorial.

    • You may add a second person for an additional $550

    For longer private courses, such as our 2 or 3-day intensive programs, please email for details and pricing.

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Private Courses: Two-Day Intensive (5 hours)

  • 10:00am – 1pm (Central Melbourne Location)

  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)

  • $1850 (individual course cost)

  • The course is two hours on the first day and three hours on the second day

  • The course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction and lunch over a dining etiquette tutorial

  • You may add a second person for an additional $750

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Finance Consultancy


Expert Guidance

Corporate Training Topics

Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette Training Group offers nine core professional development categories with multiple topics.
Through our strategic alliance with one of the nation’s leading law firms, we also offer categories of training to build a culture of integrity.
A list of all of the training categories, along with a description and popular subject matter, are listed below.


The key to customer service is ensuring the client is happy by answering their questions and solving their problems. Our Customer Service Training educates your customer service team on how to respond in a professional and helpful manner to clients and customers.


Guarantee that everyone on your team, from associates to executives, understands formal dining etiquette so they can focus on the goals of the business luncheon or dinner. The Business Dining training is a comprehensive program that can be applied to a meal, whether one course or twelve.


Popular Topics Include

  • Providing Exceptional Service

  • Building Customer Loyalty

  • Customer Experience Training

  • Conversation Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Problem Resolution Strategies

  • Understanding the Customer’s Needs

Popular Topics Include

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communicating Under Stress

  • Email Communications

  • How to Strengthen Relationships

  • Meetings and Conference Calls

  • Voice and Presentation Skills

Popular Topics Include

  • Navigating a Multi-Course Meal

  • Hosting Clients

  • How to Use Cutlery, Glassware and Napkins

  • Cocktail Party Etiquette

  • Dining Faux Pas to Avoid

  • How to Eat Tricky Foods

  • Wine Etiquette



Great leaders inspire their employees and successfully guide a company. Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette Training Group’s Leadership Program includes lessons on a myriad of topic areas which help leaders gain confidence in their abilities, teach them how to create a positive work environment, review ethics in business, and provide them with the skill to encourage and engage employees at all levels to contribute to the team.



Our team works with retail and service sales teams throughout the world to sharpen both individual and team presentation and hospitality skills.  Susie Wilson, Finishing School Of Etiquette Training Group’s Luxury Sales Program is ideal for beauty companies and salons, residential real estate agencies, fashion and accessory brands and luxury car dealers.



Designed to develop and strengthen the reputation of an individual in the public eye, or about to be elevated into the public eye, this training is ideal for a company CEO, spokesperson, politician or media personality.

Popular Topics Include

  • Becoming an Inspirational Leader

  • Identifying and Improving Leadership Style

  • Management Skills

  • Increasing Authority

  • Impactful Communication

Popular Topics Include

  • Closing the Sale

  • Being a Solutions Provider

  • Customer Experience Training

  • How to Present a Product or Service

  • Overcoming “No”

Popular Topics Include

  • Training for Broadcast Appearances

  • Speaking with Members of the Media

  • Crisis Communication

  • Making the Best First Impression

  • Poise and Presentation

  • Public Speaking Skills

  • Private Stylist Appointments



Whether attending a business conference or a local networking event, ensure that you feel confident and comfortable talking to colleagues and new contacts. Learn how to approach people, how to read a room and how to close a conversation.



Maintain a corporate dress code with assistance from Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette Training Group’s Polished Professional Training Program. Our trainers will address style and grooming for both men and women in an office environment as well as various out-of-office functions.


Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette Training Group’s core course covers a wide range of business protocol topics. The Professional Development Course is appropriate for summer associates and junior-level employees as well as managers and C-Suite Executives looking to brush up on their interpersonal skills.

Popular Topics Include

  • How to Start a Conversation

  • Conversation Topics That Never Fail

  • How to Be Approachable and Likable

  • How to Manage Bad Networkers

  • Cocktail Party Etiquette

Popular Topics Include

  • Dress Codes Decoded

  • Professional Grooming

  • Professional Dressing

  • Commanding a Presence

  • Professionalism

Popular Topics Include

  • Showing Respect and Consideration in Business

  • Meeting and Conference Calls

  • Client Hosting

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Email and Phone Etiquette



Managing a team remotely or working for an employer from home requires a different set of skills than working at an office. Whether you’re adjusting to the COVID-19 health emergency or permanently making the change from a corporate office to the home office this course, taught be a webinar or in private 1:1 sessions, will ensure you and your team are set up for success.


Popular Topics Include

  • Video Conferencing Best Practices for Employees and Managers

  • Setting Up Remote Guidelines and Home Offices

  • Working Independently, Collaboratively and Being Supportive

  • Reaching and Exceeding Company Goals

  • Taking Time for Yourself

  • Working from Home and Managing Kids


Culture of Integrity

These sessions can be designed to include individual exercises, interactive discussions and other experiential learning.


Recent news has revealed the ubiquity of sexual harassment in the workplace. Organisations are evaluating their values and norms, especially regarding leadership, culture and governance. In the U.S., several states are requiring more stringent policies, focused training, clearer prohibitions on retaliation and restrictions on non-disclosure agreements with employees. This movement has only just begun, and many other states are likely to follow suit.


In recent years, stakeholders in the US, Canada, UK and the EU have heightened their focus on addressing corporate responsibility—particularly with regard to environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) related risks. These stakeholders include not only regulators but investors, customers and employees worldwide, bringing a new awareness to the connection between ethical leadership and brand resilience. Our team can help your senior leadership and board of directors integrate these considerations into your strategic planning and then embed them in your operations and culture across your organization.


Let our team guide your organization and leadership teams with innovative approaches to identifying and managing ethical and compliance risks. Making good decisions at every level of your organization—and encouraging employees to raise concerns early—can proactively avoid costly crisis management and enforcement actions. By creating a risk-aware culture of integrity and ethical leadership, you can strengthen your competitive resilience.

Popular Topics Include

  • Heightening Awareness of Unconscious Bias

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Organizational Resilience

  • Bringing to Life your Code of Conduct and Corporate Values

  • Creating a Speaking-Up Culture

Popular Topics Include

  • Ethical Decision-Making and a Culture of Integrity

  • Bringing to Life your Code of Conduct and Corporate Values

  • Thinking Proactively about ESG and Sustainability

  • Managing Risks and Opportunities to Create Value

Popular Topics Include

  • Anti-Corruption and Doing Business Globally

  • Anti-Bribery, Conflicts of Interest, Gifts and Entertainment

  • Information Governance (Data Protection, Privacy, Security and Records Management)

  • Special Responsibilities for Managers: Encouraging Speaking-Up, Prohibiting RetaliationTo receive a proposal for corporate training please complete  email

Corporate Training Programs, Susie Wilson Finishing School Of Etiquette, include a wide range of topic areas that are compatible with a myriad of industries. Our training empowers employees to thrive in a corporate setting, benefitting both employees and the company, whether they’re recent graduates, mid-level managers or C-Suite executives.

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