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"Imagining the Future: What Will the World Look Like 30 Years from Today?"

Founder, and CEO of Susie Wilson Finishing and Etiquette School..

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March 11, 2024

As we stand on the brink of a new decade, it's hard to fathom what the world will look like in 30 years. The pace of technological advancement, coupled with the ever-changing landscape of global politics and climate change, makes for an uncertain future. However, with a bit of speculation and imagination, we can paint a picture of what the world might look like 30 years from today. 

Firstly, it's safe to say that technology will continue to rapidly evolve and impact all aspects of our lives. Smart homes will become the norm, with interconnected devices and appliances controlled by voice commands or AI assistants. Virtual and augmented reality will be fully integrated into our daily routines, allowing for more immersive experiences and blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. 

The transportation industry will also see significant changes. Electric and self-driving cars will dominate the roads, eliminating the need for traditional gas-powered vehicles. Public transportation will be overhauled with the introduction of high-speed trains and hyperloop systems, making long-distance travel faster and more efficient. The rise of electric aviation will also revolutionize air travel, making it more eco-friendly and accessible. In terms of global politics, we will likely see a further shift towards renewable energy sources as countries continue to prioritise battling climate change.

The use of fossil fuels will decrease, and renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind power, will become the primary sources of energy. This will not only reduce carbon emissions but also have a positive impact on the economy and job market. 

The world's population will also continue to grow, with the estimated number reaching 9 billion by 2050. This will lead to further urbanization and the creation of more mega-cities, with large populations concentrated in smaller areas. However, with the increasing use of technology and sustainable practices, cities will become more efficient and eco-friendly, reducing the strain on resources and the environment. 

In terms of healthcare, advancements in technology will greatly improve our ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Medical procedures will become less invasive, and personalised medicine will become the standard. The use of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence will also play a significant role in improving healthcare and extending human lifespan. The workforce will also see significant changes. With the rise of automation and AI, many jobs will become obsolete, while others will be created in new industries such as space tourism and sustainable energy. This will lead to a shift in the skills and education needed for the workforce, with an emphasis on adaptability and continuous learning. 

One of the most significant challenges we will face in the next 30 years is adapting to the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and displacement of communities will all lead to a greater need for global cooperation and innovative solutions. We may see the introduction of carbon taxes and stricter regulations to combat climate change, as well as more sustainable practices in industries such as agriculture and manufacturing. In conclusion, the world in 30 years from today will be vastly different from the world we know today. Technology will continue to advance at an unprecedented rate, and our daily lives will be shaped by its influence.

Global issues such as climate change and overpopulation will also demand our attention, leading to changes in how we live and how we approach problem-solving. 

The key to preparing for this future is to embrace change and innovation, while also being mindful of our impact on the planet and the need for sustainable practices.

Only then can we create a better world for future generations to come.

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Susie Barber

Founder, and CEO of Susie Wilson Finishing and Etiquette School. Doyenne in Etiquette


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The world in 30 years from today will be vastly different from the world we know today. Technology will continue to advance at an unprecedented rate, and our daily lives will be shaped by its influence... In the next 30 years, technology will change our daily lives in significant ways. We will see advancements at a pace never seen before. The world will be different, and we need to be ready for it.


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